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Cookie Policy

Last Updated: June 2022

Ennismore Holdings Limited is a private limited company, registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom under company number 13348771, whose registered office is located at 10 Hammersmith Grove, London, United Kingdom, W6 7AP (“Ennismore“).

For the purposes of this policy, Ennismore includes its affiliates.

Ennismore operates this website soparis.com (hereinafter, the “Site“).

With your consent we may use cookies to customize the content on the Site, to provide social media functionalities and analyze website traffic.

For our websites, you can manage your consent or refusal to use tracers on your terminal by clicking on the button below:

Cookie Settings

Regardless of what you choose, your browser also allows you to delete tracers from your device at any point.

The steps for managing and deleting tracers are different on each browser. These steps are described in the help menu in your browser. Remember to configure all the browsers on your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

The following are the steps for tracer management in the most common browsers:

Below you’ll find more detailed information about which cookies we’re using and their purpose.

We may modify this policy from time to time.

1. Why have a cookies policy?

With a view to provide information and ensure transparency, Ennismore established this policy so that you can learn more about:

  • the origin and purpose of the information processed when you browse the Site; and
  • your rights with regard to cookies and other tracers used by the Site.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by websites that you visit. They are often used to make websites work, as well as provide information to the operator of the website.

The information can be a session identifier, a language, an expiration date, a response field or other types of information.

During their validity period, cookies are used to store status information when a browser accesses various pages of a website or when the browser returns to this website at a later point.

There are different types of cookies:

  • “session cookies” – which are deleted as soon as you exit the browser or leave the website; and
  • “persistent cookies” – which remain on your device until their expiration or until you delete them using the features of your browser.

3. Consent

The installation of certain cookies is subject to your consent. Also, when you first visit the Site, you are asked whether you agree to the installation of this type of cookie, which is only activated after your acceptance.

You can change how we use cookies by changing your browser settings.

4. Why use cookies?

We use cookies and other tracers primarily for the following purposes:

  • Cookies strictly necessary for browsing the Siteand the ability to use all of their features.
  • Cookies for features intended to:
  • adapt the Site to the display preferences of your device (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, configuration and settings of the display of web pages based on the device you are using and its location, etc.);
  • store specific information that you enter on the Site in order to facilitate and customize your subsequent visits (including displaying the visitor’s first and last names if the visitor has a user account); and
  • allow you to access your personal pages more quickly by storing the login details or information that you previously entered.
  • Cookies for visitor tracking are aimed at improving the comfort of users by helping us understand your interactions with the Site (most visited pages, applications used, etc.); these cookies may collect statistics or test different ways of displaying information in order to improve the relevance and usability of our services.
  • Advertising cookies are intended to:
  • offer you, in advertising spaces, relevant, targeted content that may be of interest to you (best offers, other destinations, etc.) based on your interests, browsing behaviour, preferences, and other factors; and
  • reduce the number of times that the advertisements appear.
  • Affiliate cookies identify the third-party website that redirected a visitor to the Site.
  • The table below explains the cookies we use and why.
Google Analytics_gat
These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use this information to improve our websites. They collect information about the number of visitors to our site and where they have come to our websites from.
Microsoft Bing Ads_uetvid
These cookies are advertising cookies that enable ads to be served to you which you are likely to be interested in, based on your previous internet activity.
Facebook PixelFbpThese trackers enable us to monitor how effective our social media advertising is by, for example, reporting to us when someone who has seen one of our ads then goes on to book a stay at one of our hotels.
JetPacktk_aiJetPack sets this cookie to store a randomly-generated anonymous ID which is used only within the admin area and for general analytics tracking.
GDPR Cookie Consent Plug-incookielawinfo-checkbox
This cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to store the user consent for the cookies.
WPMLwp-wpml_current_languageSet by WPML language plug-in to determine what language to display to the user.

5. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems.

They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms.

You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work.

These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

Cookie SubgroupCookiesCookies usedLifespan
collections.accor.comeupubconsentOptanonAlertBoxClosedFirst Party2914228 Days, 365 Days
meetings.accor.comglt_xxxxxxFirst PartyA few seconds
businesstravel.accor.comgltexp_XXXXXXgig_togglesFirst PartyA few seconds, A few seconds
help.accor.compctrkFirst Party365 Days
all.accor.com_integrity_cookietestdtCookieFirst PartySession, Session, A few seconds
accor.com_dc_gtm_UA-xxxxxxxx_Hw2h_affcookiecontribZone, cookieconsentCSESSIONIDdisplayZone, identification_travelpros.accorincap_ses_*JSESSIONID, identification_novotel.accorFirst PartyA few seconds, Session, 30 Days, 365 Days, 365 Days, Session, 365 Days, 365 Days, Session, Session, Session
group.accor.com__RequestVerificationToken, accorhotels#lang, ASP.NET_SessionIdASP.NET_SessionIdCORSFirst PartySession, Session, Session, Session
secure.accor.com__cflbuserXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXFirst Party1 Day, Session
accorhotels.comincap_ses_*, nlbi_XXXXXXX, visid_incap_XXXXXXThird PartySession, Session, 364 Days
accorhotels.wsdtCookieThird PartySession
ah-group-prd-appservice-sitecore-cd-01.azurewebsites.net:443ARRAffinity, ARRAffinitySameSiteThird PartySession, Session
ah-group-prd-appservice-sitecore-cd-02.azurewebsites.net:443ARRAffinity, ARRAffinitySameSiteThird PartySession, Session
book.mamashelter.com_dc_gtm_UA-xxxxxxxx, _Hw2h_, CSESSIONID, dtCookieThird PartyA few seconds, Session, Session, Session
cdn.cookielaw.orgOptanonAlertBoxClosed, OptanonConsentThird Party180 Days, 180 Days
cookielaw.org__cfduidThird Party30 Days
d1r80pgesjju2u.cloudfront.netLogoutUserThird PartySession
fr.mamashelter.comwp-wpml_current_languageThird Party1 Day
mamashelter.comwp-wpml_current_languageThird Party1 Day
onetrust.com__cfduidThird Party30 Days
radar.cedexis.comdtPCThird PartySession
secure.accorhotels.wsorgThird PartyA few seconds
secure.ahstatic.comkt2bds, userBrowsingZoneLocalization, userLocalizationThird PartyA few seconds, Session, Session
staticaws.fbwebprogram.com_AccorTrackingDecoratorDataThird Party30 Days

6. Functional Cookies

These cookies enable the website to provide enhanced functionality and personalisation.  They may be set by us or by third party providers whose services we have added to our pages.

If you do not allow these cookies then some or all of these services may not function properly.

Cookie SubgroupCookiesCookies usedLifespan
secure.accor.comsmartpaymentTS01906b0cTS0132de8buserLocalizationcookies.jsFirst PartySession, Session, Session, Session, 1 Day
limitlessexperiences.accor.comform_keymage-cache-storagemage-cache-storage-section-invalidationsection_data_idsFirst PartySession, 1 Day, 1 Day, 1 Day
travelpros.accor.comHm_ck_xxxxxxxxxxFirst PartySession
all.accor.comcookietestavr_806087763_0_0_4294901760_3668318014_0, r42-partnerSync-f813c75d-6754-42e3-bdcb-f415b51d00ae-7First PartySession, 100 Years, 1 Day
accor.com_gd#############userScrollPositionorg, xtant577671OAC_all.accor, userLocalizationInitialxtvrn, rxVisitormiduserPrefLocalization, userBrowsingZoneLocalization, trckCookiextan577671dtCookieOCC_all.accorFirst PartySession, Session, A few seconds, 3650 Days, A few seconds, Session, 3650 Days, Session, 31 Days, 365 Days, Session, Session, 3650 Days, Session, Session
login.accor.com___utmvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFirst PartyA few seconds
accorhotels.comdtCookieThird PartySession
ahstatic.comdtCookieThird PartySession
authentication.accorhotels.comTSxxxxxxxxxxThird PartySession
az416426.vo.msecnd.netai_session, ai_userThird PartyA few seconds, 365 Days
book.mamashelter.comorgThird PartyA few seconds
cdn.cookielaw.orgdtPCThird PartySession
connect.facebook.netfbsr_193509207478654Third Party365 Days
liadm.comlididThird Party730 Days
m.stripe.commThird Party730 Days
mamashelter.comwg_L4BWkKBRkikUn3_hj_ui_hi, wg_L4BWkKBRkikUn3_hj_ut, wg_L4BWkKBRkikUn3_hj_webThird Party720 Days, 720 Days, 720 Days
messenger-services.comhijiffy_session, hijiffy_track_ts, hijiffy_track_uuid, hijiffy_track_uuid_227, hijiffy_track_wid_L4BWkKBRkikUn3, XSRF-TOKENThird PartyA few seconds, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, A few seconds
s.yimg.comdtPCThird PartySession
t.contentsquare.netdtPCThird PartySession
vimeo.comvuidThird Party730 Days

7. Analytics cookies

Performance cookies include analytics cookies.

Cookie SubgroupCookiesCookies usedLifespan
meetings.accor.com_gat_UA-First PartyA few seconds
businesstravel.accor.com_cs_same_siteFirst PartySession
group.accor.comai_usergaEaGrpgaEaSubgaEaLogo, gaEaGrpLnkgaEaUnsgaEaNewsFirst Party365 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds
all.accor.comdtPCdtSadtLatC_cs_cFirst PartyA few seconds, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds
limitlessexperiences.accor.com_hjIncludedInPageviewSampleFirst PartyA few seconds
accor.com_gali_gat_UA-, _gclxxxx_gid_gig_lt, _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjFirstSeen_hjid_hjTLDTest, _schnxtordxtor_uetvid, gacid, xtor577671, _ga_VVRCQZEZ0N, _gaexp_rc, _cs_ex_ga_gacid, _cs_mk_ga_GV11FT46S8, _gac_UA-60728808-1, _dc_gtm_UA-60728808-1_cs_cvars_gaexp, _gat_gtag_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_gatFirst PartyA few seconds, A few seconds, 90 Days, 1 Day, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, 365 Days, Session, Session, A few seconds, 2914226 Days, 16 Days, A few seconds, 20 Days, 730 Days, A few seconds, 30 Days, 730 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds, 396 Days, 90 Days, Session, Session, 93 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds
press.accor.com__utma__utmb__utmc, __utmt, __utmt_b__utmz_utmv#########First Party730 Days, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, 183 Days, A few seconds
book.mamashelter.comJSESSIONIDThird PartySession
nr-data.netJSESSIONIDThird PartyA few seconds
snapchat.comsc_atThird Party390 Days
ws.sessioncam.comsc.ASP.NET_SESSIONIDThird PartySession
xiti.comatid, atidx, idrxvrThird Party396 Days, 396 Days, 396 Days
book.mamashelter.com_gaThird Party730 Days
c.sharethis.mgr.consensu.orgst_samesiteThird PartySession
contentsquare.com_cs_mk, _cs_optout, _cs_c, _cs_id, _cs_vars , _cs_ex, _cs_sThird PartySession, 13 Months, 13 Months, 13 Months, Session, 30 Days, Session
hypemarks.com_gat, _gid, _gaThird PartyA few seconds, 1 Day, 730 Days
joandjoe.com_cs_s, _cs_id, _cs_root-domain, _cs_cThird PartyA few seconds, 396 Days, Session, 396 Days
mamashelter.com_ga_C9KJMTF3MJThird Party396 Days
monmeeting.com_gaThird Party730 Days
t.contentsquare.net_cs_s, _cs_c, _cs_same_site, _cs_id, _cs_nnnnnnnnnnnnnThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, Session
videopolis.com_gat, _gaThird PartyA few seconds, 730 Days
webgeoservices.com_ga, _gatThird Party730 Days, A few seconds
www.google-analytics.comdtPCThird PartySession
www.joandjoe.com_cs_same_siteThird PartySession
www.tamgrt.comTADCIDThird Party3650 Days

8. Targeting cookies

These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners.

They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites.

They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device.

If you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising.

Cookie SubgroupCookiesCookies usedLifespan
amazon-adsystem.comad-privacyFirst Party63 Months
hypemarks.com_gd#############First PartySession
sojern.comadhFirst Party7 Days
linkedin.comli_sugrFirst Party3 Months
rubiconproject.comkhaosFirst Party1 Year
pubmatic.comKRTBCOOKIE_731First Party10 Days
verychic.accor.comm_cntm_sesFirst PartySession, Session
all.accor.comGoogleAdServingTest, mv_tokens_invalidate-verizon-pushes, mv_tokens_eu-v1First PartySession, 14 Days, 14 Days
google.com__Secure-3PSIDCCFirst Party1 Year
accor.com__gads__qca_cs_nnnnnnnnnnnnn_cs_root-domain_dlt_gcl_aw_uetsidawxxxx_fbppt_, gclidpartner_idsid_scidFirst Party390 Days, 392 Days, A few seconds, Session, Session, Session, 1 Day, 90 Days, 90 Days, A few seconds, 2914226 Days, A few seconds, 31 Days, 396 Days
1dmp.iouid-legacyThird Party365 Days
360yield.comtuuid, tuuid_lu, um, umehThird Party90 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days
3lift.comtluidThird Party90 Days
addthis.comna_id, ouid, uidThird Party390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days
adform.netC, uidThird Party28 Days, 60 Days
adhigh.netadriver_sync, aidata_sync, gi_uThird Party365 Days, 365 Days, 365 Days
adnxs.comanj, uuid2Third PartyA few seconds, A few seconds
adriver.rucid, rs, sd, sn, snR, uidThird Party730 Days, Session, Session, 3650 Days, A few seconds, 2914184 Days
ads.linkedin.comlangThird PartySession
ads.stickyadstv.comMRM_UID, sessionId, UID, uid-bp-159, uid-bp-171, uid-bp-45, uid-bp-529, uid-bp-617, uid-bp-717, uid-bp-892, uid-bp-951, uid-bp-xxxxxThird Party30 Days, Session, 30 Days, 60 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 60 Days, 60 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 60 Days, 60 Days
adscale.decct, uuThird Party363 Days, 363 Days
adsrvr.orgTDCPM, TDIDThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds
advertising.comAPIDThird Party366 Days
agkn.comabThird Party365 Days
an.yandex.ruyabs-dspThird PartySession
analytics.yahoo.comIDSYNCThird Party366 Days
atdmt.comATNThird PartyA few seconds
bidr.iobito, bitoIsSecure, checkForPermissionThird Party394 Days, 394 Days, A few seconds
bidswitch.netc, tuuid, tuuid_luThird Party365 Days, 365 Days, 365 Days
bing.comMUIDThird Party390 Days
bluekai.combkdc, bkpa, bkuThird Party180 Days, 180 Days, 180 Days
book.mamashelter.com_gidThird Party1 Day
casalemedia.comCMID, CMPRO, CMPS, CMRUM3, CMSTThird Party365 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days, 365 Days, 1 Day
creative-serving.comc, tuuid, tuuid_luThird Party390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days
criteo.comuidThird Party390 Days
crwdcntrl.net_cc_aud, _cc_cc, _cc_dc, _cc_idThird Party270 Days, Session, 270 Days, 270 Days
dailymotion.comdamd, dmvk, scid, sdx, sid, su_sdx, su_sid, su_user_id, ts, usprivacy, v1stThird Party365 Days, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, 396 Days, 396 Days, 395 Days
demdex.netdemdexThird Party180 Days
doubleclick.netIDE, test_cookieThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds
dpm.demdex.netdpmThird Party180 Days
everesttech.neteverest_g_v2Third Party365 Days
exelator.comEE, udThird Party120 Days, 120 Days
facebook.comfrThird PartyA few seconds
flashtalking.comflashtalkingad1Third Party730 Days
fwmrm.net_uidThird Party365 Days
gigya.comgig3pctest, gmid, hasGmid, ucidThird PartyA few seconds, 365 Days, 181 Days, 365 Days
go.sonobi.comHAPLB5SThird PartySession
google.com_GRECAPTCHA, NIDThird Party365 Days, A few seconds
hm.baidu.comHMACCOUNTThird Party6185 Days
hypemarks.comuuidThird Party365 Days
i.liadm.com_li_ssThird Party30 Days
ih.adscale.detuThird Party30 Days
ipredictive.comcuThird Party365 Days
krxd.net_kuid_Third Party180 Days
lijit.comljt_readerThird Party365 Days
linkedin.comAnalyticsSyncHistory, bcookie, lang, li_gc, lidc, lissc, UserMatchHistoryThird Party30 Days, A few seconds, Session, 720 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds
mail.ruFTID, VIDThird Party366 Days, 366 Days
mathtag.commt_misc, mt_mop, uuidThird Party30 Days, 30 Days, 393 Days
media.netdata-bs, data-c, gdpr_status, visitor-idThird Party364 Days, 30 Days, 185 Days, 365 Days
openx.netiThird Party365 Days
outbrain.comcriteo, obuidThird Party30 Days, 90 Days
postrelease.comopt_outThird Party365 Days
pubmatic.comKRTBCOOKIE_xxxx, PUBMDCID, PugTThird Party30 Days, 90 Days, 30 Days
quantserve.comd, mcThird Party90 Days, A few seconds
rambler.ruproto_uid, ruidThird Party6124 Days, 6124 Days
rlcdn.compxrc, rlas3Third Party60 Days, 365 Days
semasio.netSEUNCYThird Party365 Days
sharethrough.comstx_user_idThird Party365 Days
sitescout.com_ssuma, ssiThird Party30 Days, 365 Days
smartadserver.comcsync, pid, TestIfCookiePThird Party395 Days, 395 Days, 395 Days
sojern.comapnid, cid, dc-adv, gid, ttdidThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds, 730 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds
spotxchange.comaudienceThird Party365 Days
sxp.smartclip.netdspuuid, psyn, uuidThird Party30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days
taboola.comt_gidThird Party365 Days
tapad.comTapAd_3WAY_SYNCS, TapAd_DID, TapAd_TSThird Party60 Days, 60 Days, 60 Days
tripadvisor.comServerPool, TACds, TASession, TAUniqueThird PartySession, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds
turn.comuidThird Party180 Days
twitter.compersonalization_idThird PartyA few seconds
upravel.comsession_tptc, session_tptc-legacy, user_id, user_id-legacyThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds, 3650 Days, 3650 Days
w55c.netmatchfreewheel, wfivefivecThird Party30 Days, 396 Days
weborama.frAFFICHE_WThird Party397 Days
www.dailymotion.com_TEST_, access_token, client_token, GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY, refresh_token, sdx, sid, su_sdx, su_sid, su_user_idThird PartySession, A few seconds, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds
www.facebook.comThird PartySession
www.linkedin.combscookie, JSESSIONIDThird PartyA few seconds, Session
www.tripadvisor.com__vt, TADCIDThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds
x01.aidata.ioadriver, gi, glThird PartyA few seconds, 3 Days, 1 Day
yahoo.comA1, A1S, A3, APID, APIDTS, B, GUCThird Party365 Days, Session, A few seconds, 336 Days, 1 Day, A few seconds, 365 Days
yandex.ruyandexuidThird Party3650 Days
yieldlab.netidThird Party365 Days
yieldoptimizer.comckid, cktst, dph, fbh0, gcma, ph, rmxcThird Party390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days, 390 Days
YouTubeCONSENT, GPS, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSCThird PartyA few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, Session
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